Welcome to All things Ameena

Hey guys,
Welcome to All things Ameena.

My name is Ameena, no brainer there right? Since you’ll be seeing a lot of my name, pretty much every time you open this page (which I hope is going to be often), I figured I’d start with some basics. My name means “someone who is trustworthy“, and you can trust me with anything, well, except for a cup of coffee, I am definitely drinking that. You’ve been warned.

Six years of medical school and a total of 22 years of mishaps is what culminated into the making of this blog. I am a procrastinating writer, a lazy extrovert, an avid coffee drinker, a pun lover, terrible joker and a medical dr who believes she is still 15 at heart.

I am a Nigerian, a Muslim and a mental health advocate. With that being said, join me on this adventure where we reflect together on how I survived moving across countries at the age of 15 to study medicine and how despite having a medical license, I still don’t have this adulting thing figured out.

Now that we’ve gotten acquainted, do head over to the “blog” and leave a comment or two 😉, also if you’d like to contact me, head over to “contact” in the menu, and I’d get back to you. 

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   Lots of love, coffee and laughter 
             Ameena k.g
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