Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Don’t negate your gift

A few days ago, I was cruising through YouTube, as usual and I came across a talk show by the country singer, Kelly Clarkson, where she interviewed Selena Gomez. During the course of the interview, Selena expressed how she knows many people judge her singing voice and is aware, she doesn't have the greatest vocal… Continue reading Monday Motivation: Don’t negate your gift

coffee conversations

Coffee with Ameena #20

If we were having coffee, I'd welcome you to our first coffee date of 2020 with a bear hug. I'd apologize for taking so long to fix a coffee date for us, a lot has happened within the past month, but my favorite of all was witnessing my sister getting married. It was a phenomenal… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #20

Monday Motivation

All Things Self Love

Life is too short to wake up every morning, not loving the body you are in. Today, we will be talking about self love. Self love to me means, "Loving myself as I am, while working towards the best version I can be". Most people who have been with me in the past decade, have… Continue reading All Things Self Love

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All Things weight-loss: How I lost 25 pounds

If you've been following this blog since its inception, you'd know that I was previously overweight and tried various "I don't know what I was thinking then" methods such as dieting myself into hypoglycaemia and an unhealthy exercise regimen which resulted in me gaining more weight. All in all, those failed experiences taught me how… Continue reading All Things weight-loss: How I lost 25 pounds

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: New week, New beginnings

I don't know if you have ever woken up and the first thing you thought of was- oh crap, I have work today again. And for a few minutes, you moan on the bed, toss and turn, curse the fact that you have to get off the comfort of your blanket and go to work,… Continue reading Monday Motivation: New week, New beginnings

Monday Motivation

Motivation Monday: Teachable moments

Are you the kind of person to correct someone when they make a mistake or are you the kind to say, "oh well, they are on their own", and you allow them to continue with their mistakes. For this week's Motivation, I wanted to talk about "teachable moments". Let's say you go to a restaurant… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Teachable moments

Monday Motivation

Monday motivation: Little acts of kindness

I was on call yesterday, in the emergency pediatric unit, surrounded by patients with convulsions because for some reason, it is febrile convulsion season in pediatrics, and I was thinking how, these children (not literally, but the load of the work) were going to kill me, when a familiar face walked in. She greeted me… Continue reading Monday motivation: Little acts of kindness