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Lies we were fed as kids

In the words of the Singer, Tamar Braxton, "Lies you tell!". Today, we will be taking a trip down memory lane and discussing some of the lies we were spoon fed as kids; lies our parents and neighbors made us believe were real, and lies we probably will pass down to our children as well.… Continue reading Lies we were fed as kids

personal stories

A day in Lagos market… Again

  I was chatting with a friend earlier this week and in between texts, she wrote, "adulthood Issa scam", and I thought, girl, you spoke the truth. Adulthood was supposed be like a beautiful episode of Hannah Montana, filled with laughter and romance and friendship, not to mention, adventures and freedom as well. But No,… Continue reading A day in Lagos market… Again

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Coffee with Ameena #7

If we were having coffee, I will immediately gulp down my entire mug of black coffee. That accomplished, I will give you an extra tight hug for offering me a much needed break this week with this coffee date. If we were having coffee, I will tell you that I was remembering the lies we… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #7

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Chronicles of Mama Doctor

I would like to think that all things being equal, I have a pretty interesting (slightly hazardous) life. I mean, if I am not breaking things, I am burning them. In my defense, I have astigmatism and myopia, that should cover for the not seeing and breaking things part. Also, I don't know if what… Continue reading Chronicles of Mama Doctor

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The noisy neighbour

You've all heard about the "nosy neighbours" right. Those neighbours who are always all up in your business, they are pretty much the CCTV cameras of the neighborhood. Asking questions they need know nothing about, putting their noses into businesses that are no concern of theirs. Well, today, I'm going to talk about, not a… Continue reading The noisy neighbour

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Not quite “10 year” challenge…

A few years ago, about 2 years actually, my mum's room caught on fire. I promise, this is not a sad story. My younger sister was the only one sleeping in the room. She woke up around 4 am, saw the fire (apparently it started from the Air conditioner) and went to my dad's room… Continue reading Not quite “10 year” challenge…

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A day in Lagos Market…

There are two unofficial rules in our house when it comes to going to Lagos (Balogun) market- one, no holding phones and two, all cash should be placed in my mum's bag. This first is due to the ridiculously high rate of pick pocketing. It feels like the thieves are waiting for that one person… Continue reading A day in Lagos Market…