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All Things Medical School

I still remember traveling to Sudan as a little 15 year old girl, with the intention of studying medicine. My entire medical school can be summed up as "an experience". I met my favorite people there and I feel like, I did a whole lot of growing up there as well. So, today, I decided… Continue reading All Things Medical School

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Coffee with Ameena #16

If we were having coffee, I'd ask you how your night was and hope it was better than mine because that thing called "menstrual cramps" shortened my sleep at around 3:30am. At 3:30am, while the world was asleep, it all made sense to me why I was irritable and incredibly hungry and craving for the… Continue reading Coffee with Ameena #16

personal stories

Challenges of studying in a foreign Land #1

For those who may or may not know, I spent 6 and half years in Sudan, trying to study medicine. I say trying because, boy, it was indeed a struggle (Thank God for his glory, we made it). A friend requested that I write about my challenges of schooling in Sudan, so Sola Ogunbiyi, this… Continue reading Challenges of studying in a foreign Land #1

personal stories

Travelling tips by a former avid Traveller

1. Always carry a sweater: Experience has taught me this, whether it feels like the sun is right above your head before you board the plane, still carry a sweater. Trust me, it will save you the torture of spending 160 dollars on an ugly oversized sweater-jacket because your 2 hours transit got extended to… Continue reading Travelling tips by a former avid Traveller


I didn’t know I was Fat

We've all experienced firsts. First crush, first gift, first love, first heartbreak. But for some of us (Me), the firsts we remember are a bit boring: First crash diet, First public embarrassment, first rejection, you get the drift. Today, let's take a trip down memory lane, to my first week at university. First week at… Continue reading I didn’t know I was Fat