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All Things Medical School

I still remember traveling to Sudan as a little 15 year old girl, with the intention of studying medicine. My entire medical school can be summed up as “an experience”. I met my favorite people there and I feel like, I did a whole lot of growing up there as well. So, today, I decided to do a sort of Never have I ever, but pertaining to medical school. Here we go:

Never have I ever pulled an all nighter

I absolutely have, multiple times actually, and each time, I regretted that decision. The one that comes to mind was my first major exam in medical school. We had a teacher who had a great attitude yet horrible teaching skills, the course was immunology. I never understood what the lecturer was teaching in class. IgE IgA… they sounded like jargon to me. I remember staying up all night just before the exam, with books scattered all around me, trying to finish reading my entire immunology book in that one night. It was a nightmare.

Never have I ever ditched a lecture

We had a physiology lecturer, dr Muna, who always closed the door right on time for her lecture and not a second later. It was like, your are either in the lecture hall once its 9 am or you are not attending that lecture.

So, whenever I figured there was a slight chance I would not make it to that lecture in time, I just snuggled up at home and didn’t even risk attending it. Medical students, don’t do that, be better than myself.

Never have I ever wanted to quit

Are you kidding me? Every week when I was in my second year. Every time I had a difficult exam. Every time I didn’t understand lectures. Yes, in pre clinical years, I was that girl who was always wanting to quit but never did.

Never have I ever felt 100% confident before an exam

I have got to say, some days, peace from God washes over me and I just know, I feel it in my bones that I’d ace an exam . I remember walking into my psychiatry final exams with that confidence. There are some good days in medical school after all.

Never have I ever thought I’m gonna fail

Oh my God, respiratory module. I still remember opening the exam papers looking at the first page and going, “I have no idea”. It was like looking at a foreign language on paper. It was horrible. Till this day, I believe, my passing that exam was a miracle from God.

My respiratory module summed up in one image

Never have I ever cried while studying

Are you kidding me? At one point, this was my routine- read, eat, read, cry, read, eat, read, cry then sleep.

Yup… I have been that girl.

Never have I ever fallen asleep during lecture

I am the queen of falling asleep during lectures, I know that’s a bad habit. But hey, once I’m in a lecture that supersedes one hour, I zone out. I’m just grateful I don’t snore. My friends have so many pictures of me sleeping during lectures. Not my proudest moments.

Never have I ever felt hopeful about the future

You know, eventually, you just fall in love with the medicine, yes, even the reading. You fall in love with studying a disease, its origin, figuring out it symptoms and how to treat it, counselling and educating people, and eventually, you realise, there is nothing else I would rather do.

After it was all over 😌

Well… until you start practicing as a doctor (house job to be precise) and realise Its not all peachy, not even close.

But hey, enjoy those rosy moments.

And thats it for today. Humor me guys, which of the above have you or have you not done in whatever course you were studying in school?

4 thoughts on “All Things Medical School”

  1. Quite interesting. I have similar experiences as a fourth year medical student in Nigeria. Not the easiest choice


    1. I think i’ve done all except feeling 100% confident before an exam.
      I ditch lectures like a part time medical student😂
      And i sleep in class, especially afternoon lectures after ward rounds😢. Alhamdulillah it’s all in the past now. It was fun reading this


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