Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Don’t negate your gift

A few days ago, I was cruising through YouTube, as usual and I came across a talk show by the country singer, Kelly Clarkson, where she interviewed Selena Gomez. During the course of the interview, Selena expressed how she knows many people judge her singing voice and is aware, she doesn’t have the greatest vocal prowess, but at the same time, she revealed that she continues to sing because that’s what she loves to do.

It got me thinking, writing is what I love to do, and I know for a fact, in any crowd of writers, I am not the greatest writer, not even close. I scroll through poetry foundation, Pinterest, instagram, bookshelves, and I am awed by the amount of incredible writers existing across every age group, race, sex and decade, it’s astounding. But then again, I still write, and I work at it and I try to improve by reading articles in order to better myself because, writing is what I love to do. It always has and it always will be.

Bringing it back to the talk show, Kelly, after listening patiently to Selena made a few statement which provoked this post. She said- Until you believe you are rare, no one else will. Don’t ever negate your gift, it’s powerful. She wrapped up by saying, The best singer in the world is the one who moves you.

These profound statements by Kelly gave me something to ponder over, and I hope it offers you that as well.

I can’t put forth my words and expect people to like them, if I don’t even believe in the strength of my writing. I have got to be my own cheerleader first of all before expecting a crowd to cheer for me.

The second part is, I have to always believe in the power of my writing. I have to always believe that writing is a gift, I have to put forth. I have to believe in the strength of the written word, of my written word. And most importantly, my writing is not going to be for everybody, but someone somewhere will connect to it, and it will move somebody. Her words further reminded me that writing is not just a form of expression for me, it is also a form of healing.

I hope you can take all of these into account and with these days that we are spending under lock down, you take the time to delve into your passion, be it writing or cooking or art, whatever it is, do it. Ignite that passion and harness your gift because, in the words of Kelly Clarkson, you are a rare gem.

Until next time, stay safe, wash your hands, stay at home ❤️

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Don’t negate your gift”

  1. Yes. I love that Kelly quote and I can understand why it moved you so much to create this post. I hope you continue to share your words with the world, Ameena. And as for being the “greatest writer”, that is a subjective thing. Personally, you’ve got an audience in me 🙂


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