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How I survive the cold harmattan season

The first day of this harmattan/cold weather hit me like a sucker punch. I remember calling my mum and saying “This cold is trying to kill me“, and I meant every word of it. I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect it to be “this cold”, hence I prepared nothing for it, nothing; I mean, I didn’t even have a sweater at the beginning of the season. First lesson of 2020, it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared.

I have lived on two ends of the map, LAGOS, where we barely get harmattan, I mean we could go through the entire harmattan month without wearing a single sweater. And Sudan, where it gets so cold, I occasionally go to the hospital with a small blanket wrapped around me (don’t judge me, it was cold). The only problem, I didn’t expect katsina (where I am currently working now), to be as cold, hence the unpreparedness.

No.. I didn’t steal the blanket from an airplane 👀🤫

Well guys, 3 days into the cold, I learnt my lesson. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of the things that are helping me get through the cold season. This post is especially tailored for my people who also have a low tolerance to cold and can’t wait for summer season to arrive.


Yes, believe me when I say, there are people who are yet to purchase a blanket (Amina, I still love you). But you notice the little “s” I added after blanket, so, normal people require 1 blanket to get through this season, cold intolerant people like myself, need at least two.

2.Socks, gloves, cap

I didn’t say socks or gloves, that’s for my normal people. We cold intolerant need all three. And not just the normal socks, no, I mean the sock with extra wool and material to ensure perfect warmth. And for my fellow muslims, God has made things so easy for us, you don’t have to take off your socks every time you need to perform ablution, you can simply wipe over them.

3.Room heater

This is one of Life’s greatest inventions, of course after coffee. It does cost a coin, but there are some affordable ones. If you can save up to get a room heater, it would really help with providing warmth to your entire surrounding, and you wouldn’t even need two blankets anymore. The best part about it is, you can store it into its pack after the cold season is over and keep it to re use next year. Of course be careful using it when there are children around, it is an electric appliance.

4.Water flask

A water flask is a life saver this season, especially for those of us who do not have a water heater in our bathrooms and have to perform ablutions about five times a day before praying. You can easily just keep a water flask close to or in your bathroom, and that way, you can easily perform your ablution with warm water.

5.Don’t skip bathing

I know, bathing in this weather is like stepping into a battlefield. But I promise you, as difficult as it might be to step into the bathroom, your body feels much relaxed and so much better afterwards.

Please don’t follow the above 😂

6.Remember the underprivileged

There are way too many people around who do not have a roof over their heads, or even the luxury of blankets, not to talk of heaters or warm water, and these people are all around us, many of them, under the ages of eighteen. It helps to remember the privileges we have of simply being able to afford these necessities. Help out by giving out your old sweaters, blanket or donating to a charity catering towards helping out the poor during this season.

How do you cope with the cold season? Are you a lover of the cold weather or are you cold intolerant like myself? Do you know of any charity which caters to the less privileged during this cold season? Do share in the comment section below.

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