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All Things Road travel: The things I learnt

This past Sunday, I embarked on a 7 hour journey by road using public transport and guys, I learnt two things-

1- when a man says he has a dog in a bus, believe him.

2- there is nothing adventurous about sitting in the back seat of a bus going up-down and with every bump, your head hits the ceiling.

The plan was to charter a small car at the car park which would drive my sister and I to our destination. Turns out, the person we sent before hand to charter the car didn’t, and on Sunday morning, my sister and I and our two huge boxes (we didn’t travel light), arrived the car park to no car but only buses traveling to our destination.

Lesson number 3- when you are traveling, do the scouting yourself.

My sister and I figured, well, we are here, our luggages are here, the scout messed up, but the buses wouldn’t kill us right? Wrong. For some reason, we decided to book the back seat. Another tip- Never ever sit at the back seat of a bus while traveling.

Trust me, you will thank me letter. Every scrape, every bump, every sharp turn radiates through your entire body, and every time the bus goes up, your head touches the ceiling and it really hurts.

One hour into the journey, I looked at my sister and said- I didn’t have breakfast today. Lesson number 4: never travel on an empty stomach. Public transport rarely stops for individual passengers so if you’re are hungry- you is on your own.

And then there was the man who brought a carton into the bus. A lady in the bus asked him what was in it, and he said “dog”. We all laughed thinking it was just a sarcastic joke. Guys, half way through the journey, we realized there was In fact more than one “puppy” in the carton. Which brings me back to lesson number 1. If a man tells me we are traveling with a snake, I am definitely believing him.

Sometimes, all it takes is one bad body odor to make the entire journey stink. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with tip number 5. All you have to do is get a strong perfume, spray it on your shirt, right between the two breasts. And every time you need a good scent to counteract the stink, you bend you head downwards as if you are looking for something on the floor, with your chin touching your chest and you take a long breathe of the perfume in.

It’s not all bad though, on the plus side, if your gastro intestinal tract decides to act up that day, you can always pretend that it’s one of other dozen passengers that passed the foul smelling gas. All you need is a good poker face and you’re good to go.

One thing I can tell you is this, next time I am traveling with a bus, I am definitely having breakfast and certainly not sitting at the back seat. Which brings me to the question, whats your worst road travel experience? Do share in the comments section below.

Until next time, lots of love laughter and coffee ❤️

2 thoughts on “All Things Road travel: The things I learnt”

  1. My worst travel experience😥😥its a 7hr journey from kano to sokoto. Sat between to fat ladies God they squeezed mee😥one of them had a daughter with motion sickness. And I had this cute makeup kit that I ddnt let them put in the car boot. The girl threw up on me and my kit😥😥😥😥😫😫😫and I ddnt get a proper apology form her mother😥😫😫May I never witness a day like this.

    Let me give you anther travel tip. Never seat beside a traveller with kids😥neverrrrrrrr!

    PS: I enjoyed reading this Doctor. Good job!


  2. I have been fortunate in that I have had mostly good road travel experiences so even my “bad” experience isn’t so bad all things considered. In December I was traveling with my sister from Vadodara to Junagadh in Gujarat. Because it was winter we thought we had no need for an A/C bus so why pay a bit more. What we didn’t realize is that that meant there would also be no heat and the windows would not be well-sealed. So in the middle of the night it got down to 12 degrees. Neither of us had enough warm clothing to be warm so we just slept under thin shawls with whatever extra clothes we could put on.

    The other challenge was that there was only a single scheduled washroom stop on the 8 hour journey.There was no way to manage that, though, and we were able to get the driver to stop for us one extra time around 3:00 AM. I don’t know what I would’ve done had that not been a possibility!

    But in the end, as I said, it wasn’t a terrible trip and in fact ended up being an adventure that I’ll always remember – and a learning experience for next time.


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