Monday Motivation

Motivation Monday: Teachable moments

Are you the kind of person to correct someone when they make a mistake or are you the kind to say, “oh well, they are on their own”, and you allow them to continue with their mistakes.

For this week’s Motivation, I wanted to talk about “teachable moments”.

Let’s say you go to a restaurant to buy food, and you explain to the waiter, you’d like the food to be re-heated before serving, then the waiter returns with cold food. Do you draw the waiter’s attention to it, explaining you wanted the food hot and ask if he could kindly reheat it. Or, would you take the cold food and leave.

If you offer a child something and he collects it with his left hand. Would you correct the child by explaining to him it’s more appropriate to use right hand when receiving things from others or would you let the child go without explaining, knowing fully well, he’s probably going to do it again.

Think about it for a second

There is this misconception many people harbor here in the North, if a man and a woman are seated in the hospital, the man is definitely a doctor while the woman is a nurse. Now don’t get me wrong, being a nurse is such an incredible job, but the problem here is, the people who assume the women are nurses is because they don’t think a woman can be a doctor. This is where the teachable moment comes in.

On some days, when a patient or patient relative comes in and calls me “sister“, I reply, “No, it’s Doctor“, and sometimes, especially if they have a little girl with them, I add, “I hope this one is going to join us and become a doctor too”. This is a teachable moment, taking the opportunity to turn someone’s mistake into a lesson so that they know better, and then do better from then on. So that they understand, a woman can and should aspire to be anything and everything she wants to be.

So also, when a child makes a mistake and collects things with his left hand, and he goes uncorrected. He’s probably going to keep on doing the wrong thing, thinking it is the right thing, I mean “if it’s as wrong, why did no one point it out in the first place“, and that is unhealthy.

When we take the opportunity to kindly point out to the waiter where he made the mistake, guess what, the next he probably wouldn’t make the same mistake. He’d carry out his job excellently, which of course please the customers and lead to them tipping him harder.

Oh… when we say teachable moment, it means “teaching”, not yelling or ranting or scolding. And on that note, I hope you find an opportunity this week where you turn someone’s mistake into a teachable moment, and I hope you are able to learn from your own mistakes this week.

Have A great week filled with love, laughter and of course coffee.

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