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Lies we were fed as kids

In the words of the Singer, Tamar Braxton, “Lies you tell!”. Today, we will be taking a trip down memory lane and discussing some of the lies we were spoon fed as kids; lies our parents and neighbors made us believe were real, and lies we probably will pass down to our children as well. Ready, set… read

1. Killing a spider

I don’t know who made this up, but as a kid, I grew up knowing that if you killed a spider, you will wet the bed that night. I don’t know if this myth was created as a way to stop children from killing spiders unnecessarily, but I can tell you this much- For a long time, I refused to kill a spider. I mean, wetting the bed is not a risk I was willing to take.

2. Swallowing guava seeds

This is another myth which has traumatized me till this day, because, if you ever catch me eating a guava, I just eat around the skin and throw it away. The myth goes- appendicitis is caused by swallowing guava seeds. Apparently, it doesn’t get digested and then goes to the appendix, blocks it and causes appendicitis. Of course, now as a medical doctor I know how bogus that is, but unfortunately, I have lost the taste of eating the fleshy guava part.

Yup! I was told this as well 😅

3. Eating a fish’s eye

Oh I still remember the “uncle” who told me this. He said, if you swallow a fish’s eye, you would be able to see a long distance. And by long distance, he meant, from where you were seating, you could see miles long. I remember it was at night, there was fish, He ate the eye, and we kept on asking him if he could see the mosque which was miles away from our house.

4. Drinking coconut water

You know how the water within a coconut is delicious right. Well, as kids we were told that drinking the water in the coconut makes a person dull. Growing up now, I think it was probably a scam concocted by someone who wanted the water all for himself, in order to stop us from competing for the small coconut water.

5. Spitting in the toilet

Now this is another obnoxious one, which I unfortunately believed. Clearly, I am a gullible person. One of our neighbors, who would not be named on this blog, told us that spitting in the toilet/bathroom is what causes sore throat. She had sore throat then.

6. Swallowing a mango seed

Now this is a popular one. If you swallow a mango seed, a mango tree will grow in your stomach.

7. Swallowing chewing gum

I just realized that a lot of these myths had to do with food. I can’t remember who fed me this, but I remember hearing that swallowing chewing gum and then taking a hot drink would cause the chewing gum to stick on your intestines and could cause death. Okay, so this one is morbid.

8. Crossing a pregnant woman’s leg

I remember being told that the last person to cross a pregnant woman’s leg before she gives birth, the child born would look like that person. I am so glad that it is only a myth because, I mean, what if the last person who crosses a pregnant woman looks like a tree monster? That baby would be in a fix.

9. Stepping on green algae

The person who told me this is a childhood friend of mine, and she is late now (do say a prayer for her please). I remember we went to their house one holiday and there was green algae and she told me not to step on it, because if I did, it would grow on my feet. Guys, for years, I didn’t step in green algae if I saw it because I was worried it would grow on my feet.

Little me… thinking of all the lies I’ve been fed

And then of course, there are the Lagos boarding school myths of “miss Koin Koin”, “bush baby”, “bunk shaker” which I should probably write a separate blog post about.

On that note, what are some of the lies you were fed as kids? And were you a gullible as I was in believing them? Do let me know in the comments section

Sending you lots of love, laughter and may your coffee cup remain filled

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