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Coffee with Ameena #13

The beautiful frame in the background gotten from (@soulunraveled) on instagram

If we were having coffee, in the spirit of spilling my tea, I have two confessions which are both related to my sister, (yup, the same sister who once forgot the birthday gift I bought for her). One of the confessions, she is aware of, but the other, she is about to find out right here on this coffee date. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to sip that black coffee because it’s about to get real on this date.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my sister’s birthday was on April 27, and for the first time, I didn’t get her a birthday gift this year. The mistake I made was that I didn’t explain to her why I didn’t get her anything, until earlier this morning when we burst out laughing as I finally explained the reason to her. What had happened was, I knew I had to get her something, but I didn’t stow away the money for that because I assumed like every other new doctor in the hospital, I was finally going to get paid in April after working for two months, right? Wrong.

I’d tell you how after spending all of my money on the necessities and budgeting for so many things including my sister’s birthday gift, with the money that wasn’t even in my account yet, I had a shocker. The board decided that I wasn’t going to get paid until after 3 months of working. I was not a happy individual that day. But hey, on the plus side, I finally got paid last month and my sister is finally getting an “although belated” birthday gift. By the way, if you need money, that was in May…, don’t hit me up.

How I felt, when I found out I wasn’t getting paid

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how after having my hair dyed once by a professional, I started feeling like a professional too and decided to re-dye my hair, myself, in the comfort of my home. Weighing the pros and cons, I figured, if it turned out badly and I look like a tree-monster, well at least, I’d get to write a blog post on “reasons why you should NOT dye your hair at home. But guess what, I did dye the hair and I didn’t look like a tree monster, it turned out real well (If I do say so myself)… Thank God.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk to you about my friends and the family I left behind in Sudan. How it pulls the strings of my heart to see the suffering they are going through; how regardless of being pro or against the transition, it doesn’t take visual aids to see that the people of that country do not deserve the massacre and torture they are going through right now. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how there is a media blackout in sudan and you can help the people of the country by praying for them, but also, by sharing their stories on social media and keeping the awareness alive by using the hashtag #Iamsudanrevolution, because we really are our brothers and sisters keepers… that’s the way it should be. When one heart hurts, all heart hurts, when one soil turns red, the other soils weep and stand forte.

If we were having coffee, I’d remind you of the importance of following your guts, your intuition, that feeling in your bone which is there to steer you in the right direction… because, and take this from me, so many things and most people would fail you or disappoint you at unexpected times, but your instinct, your God given instinct, is your ride or die; it will rarely, if ever, fail you. It is there for a reason, listen to it. And by the way, I didn’t say the butterflies in your stomach, the fuzzy feeling when you meet someone new… I meant, the feeling in your bones, which tells you that this love is real and you should go for it or that there are red danger flags up in that highway if you go into the relationship, stay clear.

If we were having coffee, as we sip through the last of our coffee, I’d tell you how we have a set of brown mugs at home, 4 of them, and I have single handedly succeeded in breaking the handles of three out of those four mugs. In my defense, I didn’t break them (intentionally), they just end up breaking while I’m using them. If we were having coffee, I’d remind you that what happens on this blog, stays on this blog; so, if you come to my house and I hand you a cup of coffee in a mug without handle, don’t ask questions.

And…. That’s all for today’s coffee date. Don’t forget to read up on all the other blog posts (well, not realistically all, because that would take too much of your time, but one or two). Take care… and wishing you loads of love, laughter and of course coffee.

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