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Travelling tips by a former avid Traveller

1. Always carry a sweater:
Experience has taught me this, whether it feels like the sun is right above your head before you board the plane, still carry a sweater. Trust me, it will save you the torture of spending 160 dollars on an ugly oversized sweater-jacket because your 2 hours transit got extended to a 6 hour one and the airport feels like frigging Antarctica. Yes, clearly I’m still pained.

2. Sanitary pad ladies, sanitary pad.
Especially if you have irregular periods. But regardless, even if you just finished your period a day prior to the journey, still have an extra tampon or sanitary pad in your hand luggage. I don’t know what it is with gravity and menstruation but just when you think you are clear and you’re 50,000 feet above sea level, your period can decide to say “I’m backkkk!!!”. It’s better to be safe.

3. Weigh your luggages
I am talking to my fellow Nigerians out here. Honestly guys, if you can, weigh your luggages at home before you get to the airport, because boy, those airport weighing machines can give you some magic numbers. At least if the difference is one or two kg, thats manageable. But sometimes, you’ll be getting some kind of numbers that will make you start mentally imagining what it is you actually put in the luggage.

4. Wrap your luggages
I know, many people don’t like this idea cause it spoils the beauty of the luggages. But, for these airports in particular: any Nigerian airport, Addis Ababa, Cairo and Khartoum airports, you might want to consider wrapping up your luggages in plastic; It doesn’t cost much to do that at the airports, at-least its cheaper than getting a new box. I don’t know if the handlers practice shotput with the luggages or what, but I can clearly tell you that sometimes, those luggages don’t come out the way you put them in. Trust me, one of my mum’s box was so bad after getting out of the airport that it couldn’t make its way back to Nigeria.

5. Please don’t put cash in your checked-in luggages
You might be wondering why I included this, but I know someone who does this. It is absolutely unsafe, you might think padlocking your box makes it safe, but trust me, it’s better to keep your money safely than be sorry. So please, don’t put any cash in your luggages, well, except if you’ve got enough and don’t care for a small loss.

6. A little something to help student Travellers.

Now this might get me in trouble, but oh heck. I know my Nigerian people love their spices and food ingredients, and some just aren’t allowed on the plane, so what you can do is, you can stuff your food stuff in between your luggages as usual, but then, at the top of your boxes, you arrange your bras and underwear all over your clothe. So, whomever opens up the box to search would be staring at an array of underwear. Even if they do search your box, they end up just searching superficially and closing it. You are welcome.

7. Book your flight before hand
This is very important, especially for those who use Arab owned airlines during pilgrimage season. If you know you’d be travelling to anywhere using Egypt air, Ethiopian air, Turkish airline, Emirates, during pilgrimage time, please book your tickets month before. Flight prices have a way of doubling during pilgrimage times, and what’s worse, you might actually not even be able to get an available seat on the flight on a particular day because they are all booked. I’ve lived that life as well.

8. Two way ticket
Another money saving tip is buying a two way ticket and leaving the return date blank if you don’t know yet. Tickets are always cheaper that way.

9. Go prepared
So here is the deal, if you are carrying a contraband on the plane, prepare to depart with some of your money. The truth is, if you decide to travel with a bottle of palm oil in your luggage or excess pack of oil perfumes, then be aware that you might be allowed to take them on the plane with you, but, you will be asked to give a token either in the form of cash or a piece of the contraband. Unfortunately, it is what it is.

What other tips would you like to include? Do share in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Travelling tips by a former avid Traveller”

  1. Weighing uff!
    Once we had to transfer stuff from one suitcase to the other on the airport, and get them reweighed. It was so annoying.

    Another tip (which I think is useful) is to like put something on your bags that makes them stand out a bit. So when you go to collect your bags, you can spot them easily. Because I have seen so many people have similar suit cases. :/
    It could be literally anything, like neon duct tape, ribbons or even stickers.
    Once when I couldn’t find anything I just took alphabet stickers and made them spell “mine”. XD

    One more thing! A pack of tissues, not the pocket sized, like a full size pack!


  2. A pair of a flat shoe: this is for the slayers 🤔🤔who wear heels 👠 or uncomfortable wedged wedged shoes, long transit in those airports are not funny at all with the above.


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