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Chronicles of Mama Doctor

I would like to think that all things being equal, I have a pretty interesting (slightly hazardous) life. I mean, if I am not breaking things, I am burning them. In my defense, I have astigmatism and myopia, that should cover for the not seeing and breaking things part. Also, I don’t know if what I have is a mild form of anosmia, but it takes a certain degree of odor for me to perceive. In short, the house could be burning up, and I wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s smoke in the air- that should cover up for the burning things part right? 

Well, according to my mum, also known as “mama doctor”, I am suffering from a case of “clumsiness and extreme absent mindedness”. Let me give you a bit of background about mama doctor. Mama doctor is my mother, whom after giving birth to two doctors (my sister and I), being an older sister to another doctor (dr Ali), and being a patient of various medical condition, she knows not as much as the doctors, but enough to diagnose other people. I’d explain.

My mum is an inquisitive person, she loves to ask and she loves to learn. When I did my final year research on schizophrenia, I had to explain to her what schizophrenia was and how it’s a mental illness and all that. Well, next thing I knew, I got a call from my mum one night. A family member was acting in a certain manner and she remembered when I told her about schizophrenia, so she called to confirm if what he had could be schizophrenia; she’d already requested that he should be taken to the hospital. I was proud that she went the hospital route rather than thinking superstitious, but then again, I had to explain to her again, mama please don’t be diagnosing people. It turns out, the family member had Alzheimer’s.

We had the same case with bipolar as well. So, when she heard my sister and I discussing “hypochondria” recently and asked us what it was, I burst out laughing and pretty much told her that I wouldn’t tell her what it was because I didn’t want her diagnosing people with hypochondria.

Well apparently, mama doctor doesn’t only stop at diagnosing people. Having six kids, with multiple experiences of flu and pneumonia, she’s pretty much mastered the drugs and dosages in that department. The other day, a family friend came to the house and complained to her that she’s been having bad cough for a long time and the treatment hasn’t been working. In the words of my mum, “so, I wrote a drug prescription for her to buy“.

I burst out laughing, simply because, I didn’t know who was more at fault. My mum for giving her a drug to buy, or the family friend who actually took drug recommendation from my mum. 

I don’t even know how this writeup which began with breaking things and burning things, turned into an adventure with my mum. I guess, when you love someone, it has a way of reflecting in everything you do. I hope you have someone who is a source of light in your life and even in their absence, their memory is a reminder that you have experienced and felt love and joy and light.

Thats it for today, don’t forget to check out the blog on Tuesday with your cup of coffee of course for another episode of “Coffee with Ameena”.

Take care… wishing you loads of love, laughter and of course, coffee.

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