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Coffee converstaions with Ameena #2

If we were having coffee, I will tell you all about living with my grandma’s cats for the past two weeks. How they have become a sort of exposure therapy to me, for my animal phobia. I will tell you how they are a “neighborhood wonder” because they‘ve lived for four years on these streets and have successfully evaded the popular “cat-nappers” of the neighborhood. I will tell you how the two cats, are always fighting, with each other and with the neighborhood cats as well. They often come back with fresh injuries… and I will tell you, despite their constant fighting, and bloodied skin, my grandma loves them all the same.

If we were having coffee, I will tell you how I’ve been called out by four people this week, for reading messages and procrastinating my replies. It’s funny how, the one we want to talk to, doesn’t give us the time of the day, and then those who need to talk to us, we rightly ignore. I will tell you that, moving forward, I will try to put into practice, theΒ  quote “choose the people who choose you”.

If we were having coffee, I will tell you how I felt like an oversabi for being the only doctor in the entire hospital who wore a lab coat to work. I felt like the butt of the hospital’s joke- “here comes the lab-coat wearer”. I will tell you how I got a message from a fellow doctor, after airing my grievances, and safe to say, now, I am a proud lab-coat wearer. Funny, how a simple statement, word, phrase from another human being, is enough to put things into perspective for us. Words truly are magic.

If we were having coffee, I will apologize midway for talking too much and for taking multiple cups of coffee in this brief time, because it’s been a multiple cups of coffee kind of week. I will unburden to you how everywhere I look around in this part of Nigeria I am living, I see decades of failed governance. I see failed governance in the girls roaming the streets during school hours, in the drug ridden youths, in the women who still use the dangerous “ajinomoto salt” to cook because they can’t afford the healthier varies, in the poorly equipped hospitals, in the underage pregnant women, in the mentally unstable people with little knowledge and no access to mental health practitioners.

If we were having coffee, I will lighten up the conversation and ask you if you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. If you do, I’d ask what you are planning on giving your special someone this valentines day or what you are planning on doing for yourself on that day. I would tell you about all the books I’ve read so far this month and the books I am planning on reading as well. I would ask you about the books you’ve read and encourage you to tell me all about them.

If we were having coffee, I will thank you for taking the time out to listen to me and I hope we could fix another coffee date next week, when we’re both free.

If we were having coffee, what would you like to say? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below

13 thoughts on “Coffee converstaions with Ameena #2”

  1. If we were having coffee Ameena, I would ask you to confirm that it was decaf, because caffeine is an issue for me. I would express my frustration at ordering decaf when out, and concluding that it was regular coffee based on the outcome. I would express my disappointment at servers who don’t understand the significance and potential consequences of not serving what was clearly ordered! I would also give you a big hug and tell you what a lovely surprise it was to be able to sit down with you and chat over a coffee (remember … decaf!). πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha I just wrote a post about being a coffee snob who thinks decaf and full cream coffee aren’t β€œcoffee” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
      But beacause I love you… I will ensure you get your adequate and appropriate decaf coffee 😁

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  2. If we were having coffee I would be smiling from ear to ear. Being able to sit at a table with you and chat would be a wonderful experience! I am sure we could find so much to chat about and yes laughter would definitely pop up throughout our conversation.

    If we were having coffee I would think back to when we first “met” online and how you became a “secret spy”. LOL!

    If we were having coffee I am sure the time would fly by too fast. The manager of the cafe would hang a closed sign on the door, gently hinting that it might be time for us to go. So we would finish our coffee and then trip as we go to walk out the door, for I seem to remember that we both can be so “graceful” at times. Then we would take a walk and continue our conversation into the night. πŸ™‚

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  3. Valentines day ahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ’”we were just talking about it. But haram.
    And Hey I liked WONDER!
    I don’t drink coffee πŸ˜‚ is that weird?
    And I loved this:

    Funny, how a simple statement, word, phrase from another human being, is enough to put things into perspective for us. Words truly are magic.
    Thanks πŸ’›

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    1. Hahahah Ikr! Thats also why i dont celebrate it anymore.
      I loved the book wonder too. Did u read the book or watched the movie?
      Haha No it’s not weird at all… but I hope you do take tea tho?
      No coffee, no tea… now that will be weird πŸ˜‚

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  4. If we were having coffee, I’d spend most of the time playing with your grandma’s two cats, as I am such an animal lover πŸ’œ. I’d also agree with you, wholeheartedly, that words truly are magic and I would hope you continue to wear your lab coat proudly because damn it, you worked hard to earn that lab coat! I’d ask your thoughts about Wonder, because I haven’t read it yet (would you recommend it??). Lastly, I would tell you that I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and have never celebrated it (I find it a silly holiday) but that doesn’t mean I have to rain on anyone’s parade if they like to celebrate the holiday. I’d wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day regardless and hope it is a love-filled day for you πŸ™‚

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    1. Ehh. You’d love it here then, I am not an animal lover at all πŸ˜‚. Haha, you will be happy to know, I am still wearing my labcoat, proudly now too. I gave wonder a five stars. At first, I thought it was overrated (I still think it is overrated), but it was a great book nonetheless. The only problem i had was that there were multiple point of views and sometimes the pows were simply repeating the same story just simply from their perspective- i didnt like that. But I loved the book though, I think u should read it.

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