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The noisy neighbour

You’ve all heard about the “nosy neighbours” right. Those neighbours who are always all up in your business, they are pretty much the CCTV cameras of the neighborhood. Asking questions they need know nothing about, putting their noses into businesses that are no concern of theirs. Well, today, I’m going to talk about, not a nosy neighbor, but a noisy one.

There’s this neighbor we have, a lovely family of 3 well behaved children and zero degree of nosiness. They are pretty much a joy to live by. Except for one thing, their generator. For the sake of privacy, let’s call them the “White family” (go figure).

The white family has two generators- a diesel generator and a Petrol generator. The diesel generator is the big and not-loud gen which requires the more expensive diesel. It’s the gen which is switched on at 7pm and turned off around 10:30/11 pm, in line with the Nigerian constitution. For whatever reason, 7pm is the designated time to put on the generator in many Nigerian families.

The petrol generator is the one I have an issue with. As small as it is, It’s extremely loud and the textbook definition of noise pollution. They say the emptiest barrels make the loudest noise, I say, the smallest generators, make the loudest noise.

I am a heavy sleeper and a sleep talker, although if you ask me any of these outside of this post, I am denying it. The point is, it takes a lot of noise to keep me awake. The White family’s fuel generator is “a lot of noise“. Some days, I have to sleep with my windows closed, burdened with heat, simply because the fuel generator noise is unbearable. And trust me, it’s been very hot in Lagos these days. It feels like harmattan has completely forgotten about us.

So the husband, who lives in Spain came to visit last week. I am assuming there is electricity around the clock in Spain because whenever he comes back home to visit, the generator is usually left on for almost the entirety of the day. And it’s often, the small extremely loud one.

A few days ago, it got so bad that when their generator started making the noise generators make when they are about to spoil; something that sounds like– grrr gh gh grr ghghgh gggggg— I promise you, I am not a wicked person, but when the generator made that noise and died down, I didn’t know when I uttered “Thank God”.

I went on a group chat and blabbed about my frustrations regarding the generator’s noise and was offered the suggestion along the lines of “pouring salt n the generator”.. (don’t judge me, desperate times people).

Well, lo and behold, that night, we heard a knock on the gate and it was our neighbors. No,they didn’t find out about my ranting, or the salt in generator suggestion. It was the father, He simply came to give us chocolates as his gift back. I was mortified. Here I was, grateful that their generator had spoilt and they were really generous people.

If you are wondering whether I ate the chocolates the man brought. Well… I mean, it’s rude not to eat a gift you’ve been so lovingly given. And yes, the generator still disturbs me. But now, I just munch on a chocolate bar and try to ignore the noise.
And to the neighbors, “I really am glad that you finally fixed the generator and I am not just saying it because you gave us chocolates”.

Have you ever had an experience with a noisy neighbor? Do share in the comments section below As always, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

Till next time, lots of love and laughter

7 thoughts on “The noisy neighbour”

  1. I always have to put on my big noisy generator at work. You can hear the noise when you enter the street cos it’s always outside and close to the road. I’m sure when it goes off, people sigh and thank God. But do I care? Not really 😭😭 I’m not evil but man’s gat to work and light no dey. Also, I face a loud generator neighbor at home too.
    I disturb people during the day, and get disturbed at night. It’s the Nigerian situation


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