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Not quite “10 year” challenge…

A few years ago, about 2 years actually, my mum’s room caught on fire. I promise, this is not a sad story. My younger sister was the only one sleeping in the room. She woke up around 4 am, saw the fire (apparently it started from the Air conditioner) and went to my dad’s room to alert my parents. That was how we got to find out there was a somewhat functioning fire-service department in our area. No one got injured, but the room and everything in it went all up in smoke (see what I did there).

That being said, my mum loves pictures, she says she got that from my granddad. She had loads of albums from way back when she was a teenager, her wedding pictures, naming ceremonies and many more memories beyond that. Most of them got burnt, including my secondary school graduation pictures which I am grateful for because I was low key thinking of doing that to them myself, (the photographer didn’t do a good job or maybe it was my teenage face? Nah, I’m blaming the photographer). The few pictures left from the fire were half burnt, blackened and stuck together. My mum gathered them up in a bag, and was planning on sorting them out at a later time.

It’s been 2 years now, and the picture sorting only began this week. But, in the process, I came across some of my childhood pictures which reminded me of long forgotten memories. Coincidentally, it was the same day social media went agog with the whole “ten year challenge“. No, you would not be seeing my “ten year ago pictures”.

The picture above is what I posted on my WhatsApp in that effect. But, I will be sharing some of the pictures I found though. Don’t laugh, don’t judge.

This first picture is one of my worst pictures. It was taken at a wedding. A lot of Fulanis have a head full of hair at a young age, I was not one of them. I was a bit late with regards the hair department, as you can see in the picture. My mum says, there was barely enough hair on my head for them to braid, even after I turned two.

This next picture was taken when I was in primary two and It is the first debate I ever partook in. It had an absolutely ridiculous topic though, “boys are better than girls“. Please, spare me the shame by not asking if I was a supporter or an opposer. And the irony of it all, both the supporting team and the opposing team were girls. On the plus side, my team won the debate. 

This last picture is my childhood. I say childhood because calling him a childhood friend would not do justice to our memories. He was our neighbor, a big part of my early childhood, and yes, we are still family friends till date. But, back then, I don’t think we were good for each other. We attended different schools, and I remember when I was in primary three and his mother decided to move him to my school, she personally came to the school, checked for my class (I was in pry 3A) and made sure He was assigned to primary 3B instead. There was no way they were having the both of us in the same class.

I think I might just have to write a post with Abba and My adventures. Yes, that’s his name. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave a comment, subscribe and catch up on all the previous posts you may have missed. I hope you have a great weekend.

Lots of love, laughter and coffee

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