When I “tried” to get my mum into FitFam…

So, My Mum has crossed the age 40 mark and as her metabolism isn’t what it used to be, I decided to focus my weight loss strategies on her. Not the weightloss plan I wrote about last week, which resulted in me gaining more weight, but a legit one this time. Before I go any further though, I have to write a disclaimer considering I want to sleep in her house tonight and  I have no other place to go, here goes: 

It’s not the food that’s making her fat, or the lack of exercise, its the hormones and the other health conditions she struggles with“. 
She would want me to state the above, which she constantly sings everyday, whether I agree with it or not.

That being said, this is usually how our weight loss strategy goes:
When it’s school session and I call my mum over the phone, 

Me: Mama, when I get back home, we’d resume a healthy lifestyle and start working out as well.
Mama: Yes, this time I will do it. Even I, am tired of this weight.

And when I come back home from holiday, the conversation takes a u-turn and becomes,

Me: Mama, I am going to make green tea for you.
Mama: ah, I cannot drink hot tea in this hot weather. Do you want to kill me. You that you’re used to drinking hot tea in that your Sudan, you can drink it, but I cant.

(And then she proceeds to tell everyone who visits that I am giving her hot tea in this hot weather).

Me: *stares at my mum when she puts certain food in her plate* 
Mama: *whilst looking at her food, says* nobody in this house is going to stop me from eating what I want to eat today, se de Ayi hakuri (you just have to deal with it)

Me: Mama, I’ve cut vegetables for your meal.
Mama: Now you are back home and you’d be making someone eat leaves like a goat.

Me: mama don’t finish that food, it’s too much.
Mama: ah, today, I am very hungry o, I didn’t eat anything all day. Please leave me, I have to eat this.

Me: Mama, this food is too much for you, it’s too much for me.
Mama: ah, Ummy, you cannot compare your stomach and my stomach. This my own has carried 6 children, six children! You are not even serious, this girl.

This time though, we managed to maneuver around her arguments and she agreed to add “a few minutes” aerobics to her day and then walking in the evenings. In her words, she is really putting an effort.

Well, we went to the hospital two weeks ago, and she went in to check her vitals. The nurse there instructed her to get on the scale and checked her weight- turns out my mum lost 1kg. My mum could not believe it. She turned to the nurse and said 
Only 1kg. After all these exercises that I have been doing”. 

The nurse had to concede and say that maybe she made a mistake. She checked the weight again, and lo and behold, it was still 1kg. I remember my mum coming out of the room, in shock and saying, 
“Can you imagine, after all these exercises, this Nurse said I lost only 1 kg”. 

My mother was not having it. She didn’t sweat and jump to lose just 1kg. I on the other hand, was just grateful, she did lose some weight and not gain like her daughter (aka me) did when I started exercising. 

And that’s it for today. Have a lovely weekend, a relaxing or fun one depending on your preference of course. And don’t worry, next week, we are definitely not going to be talking about weight but something completely different. See you then. And for today’s question- what Is the one issue you do not see eye to eye with, when it comes to your parent? Drop your answers in the comment section below.

      Lots of love and laughter 

6 thoughts on “When I “tried” to get my mum into FitFam…”

  1. Me-mummy I joined the gym in school
    My mum-ok,at least you’ll lose weight
    My mum-please reduce your portion sizes too
    Outside the house…
    Stranger-Aishat how old are you see how big you are
    My mum-funny she doesn’t eat much o,her body is just like that

    Mama what exactly am I to do😪🤷‍♀️


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