I didn’t know I was Fat

We’ve all experienced firsts. First crush, first gift, first love, first heartbreak. But for some of us (Me), the firsts we remember are a bit boring: First crash diet, First public embarrassment, first rejection, you get the drift. Today, let’s take a trip down memory lane, to my first week at university.

First week at university, I remember going to the school’s clinic and performing a series of tests for my medical clearance, a bit of blood drawn here, urine collected there, height, weight, the usual. Everything went as well as I assumed it would go, until I got my result. On the space where my BMI (body mass index) was supposed to be inserted, the doctor wrote “Overweight” and asterisked it. First week of university and I got my first shocker- I was at an unhealthy weight.

I remember asking the people around me if it was true. I mean, I knew I was no Victoria secret model per say, but I honestly didn’t think I was fat. So, of course, I just assumed the doctor was mistaken. I mean, “how can I be fat? I don’t even eat things which make a person fat?“.
These were the words I kept on singing to myself while I ate as much junk food as my stomach could possibly carry, and trust me, it was a lot.

There was an ice cream parlor situated a few feet from my hostel and I had to pass by it every single day on my way to and from school. The parlor was called “dreams” and it was truly a dream come true. On my way to school, I’d stop by the ice cream place and get my fill of ice cream which on a good day was a five scoop ice cream cup. On my way back from school, I’d stop by as well.
“I mean, it’s just ice cream, it’s not like i’m eating something unhealthy”– Says Naive old me.

Our lecture hall in school was situated on the fifth floor, and since there was no lift, legs on stairs was our means of transportation. During break time, I’d eat at times two burgers at one go or buy a Jumbo sized burger. There was a sprinkle of carrot and green pepper in the burger which appealed to my conscience that at least, I was eating vegetables.
“I mean, all those walking on stairs has to burn some calories right“- says naive old me.

Towards the end of that school year, it was actually a few weeks to closing, I decided to venture into the gym world. There was a gym in the hostel I lived in, I just never really bothered to visit it until then. Now, the thing is, everyone assumed I joined the gym to lose weight, but what they didn’t know is the real reason behind my decision to lose the weight. Well, in the spirit of spilling my teas, I guess I’d keep it real.

Back home, there was this thing I kept hearing that once a person starts studying medicine, they lose weight, because of all the stress of it. And when they come back home looking a “hot mess”, everyone runs around for them. And here I was, going back home looking like I came to Sudan to eat and party and not study medicine. I also wanted a small pity party when I got back home, so I figured, I better lose the weight.

I enrolled in the gym (for two weeks). Unfortunately, the gym was on the second floor and on the ground floor was a mini mart. So of course, Each day, I’d drag my body to the gym, work out (for a bit) and whilst returning to my room, I’d stop at the mini mart get a chocolate and Maryland chocolate chip biscuit, and congratulate myself on a job well done.
I did that for two weeks, and when the day came to check my weight on the scale, imagine my surprise. I was heavier than when I started working out. All the chocolate and Maryland had worked their magic. And I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I didn’t lose any weight”.

Safe to say, there was no pity party awaiting me when I got back home. My mum’s reaction when she saw my weight gains is a post for another day. And to the doctor, whom I assumed didn’t check the scale properly, “my sincere apologies… but in my defense, I really didn’t think I was fat”.

How was your first week in a different environment (work, school, home).. any memorable experience? Do share. And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog as well. Click on button which says “follow” and leave your email. A confirmatory mail will be sent to your mail box.

Till next time… wishing you Lots of love, laughter and coffee. 

25 thoughts on “I didn’t know I was Fat”

  1. This was Epic, I laughed so hard I was in tears. It brought back so many memories but knowing you the real reason isn’t hard to believe is something you are definitely capable of doing. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

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  2. My first week in Canada (from England) was a shock –
    The weather was terrible – I came from a small town in an agricultural area, into a suburb of Toronto – Electricity lines back home were underground, but here there was a mass of wooden poles with overhead wires everywhere – I only knew one person here – I had to find work – I could not get papers to work because of a mail strike here – My family were still in England -my money was decreasing very fast. Yup … I was in shock! 🙂

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      1. We are a very resilient species. Sometimes though, we really have to focus on the facts as they directly impact us … and plan accordingly. Sometimes the emotions have to be put to one side, and the realities of life as we see it addressed. 🙂


  3. Lool… Girl.. I have never been called overweight. I don’t even know what that means. The first time someone called me sensitive… Lool. I didn’t even know how to feel. I later found out he was intimidated by me.

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  4. Lmao…you remind me of someone dear. Each time I kept asking “so babe you back on your fitfam journey?she’ll proudly go :NOPE!
    Fast forward to 3 months…”Ismail Acant believe I’m 70kg 😂🤣… And sarcastically/joyfully i go” You don’t mean it”

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  5. My highest weight ever was 187lbs at 17 years old which tipped me 2lbs into the obese category, and to soften the blow my doctor just called it overweight, and even that had hurt. I did all sorts of things to lose weight, even before that doctor visit, but thankfully I eventually got some control over my emotional eating and slowly but surely lost ~40lbs healthily, and been keeping them off. Still no Victoria Secret model but at least on a good day my BMI is in the healthy weight category. It’s a struggle being at the upper end of healthy because if you’re on your period or eat a lil too much salt the night before, well hello there 25.0 BMI. 😒


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